Maharati 2014 - Coming Soon

“Maharati” (Skills) Program is a unique training program of its kind. Designed and Delivered by ALQETAAF Consultancy.

In Maharati program we always work towards achieving specific Objectives each year, and their for it doesn’t follow specific prototype in all seasons. We have committed our selves to bring total new experiences in different seasons aiming to make learning fun, enjoyable, and effective. 


Success Story International Partnership

ALQETAAF Consultancy has partnered up with one of the world's best Development companies whose focus is not training, but achieving results for their clients.  The company name is “Success Story International” and it is based in USA. To know more about the company visit the website:


UAE to highlight Dubai's Expo 2020

The Dubai UAE Expo 2020 team will welcome delegates, including diplomats and officials, to a private country reception held during the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

The reception highlights the opportunity represented by the UAE’s bid, not only for the country itself, but for economies in the region and globally. Dubai Expo 2020 would be the most international World Expo in history with 70 per cent of the 25 million expected visitors coming from outside the host nation, providing participants with unprecedented global exposure.